The Story of Ignisaterra

The world was created by the four gods of old. The lord of Demons, Air, Land (Gaea) and Water (Poseidon). In the beginning, each of the four gods each created a part of the world. Air created birds, angels, and all natural dragons. Land created all land races that live. Water created all fish and water based creatures of this realm; and demons created devils, demons, and a race of hyper-mystical creatures all left to myth and legend. There was a balance to this world, each side weighing equally on the other, creating peace. As they progressed, the balance was disturbed as both the demons and people of the air disappeared without a trace, leaving only dragons in their wake. Dragons without there masters, were left and adapted to all environments, becoming elemental in nature. Millennia passed and the water and land ignored each other obtusely. But one day, land invaded the water, cramming for domination of the world of Ignisaterra. With the two gods of old nothing but foggy memory and myth, the two lands go to war for control of all the land. Poseidon and Gaea both know something dramatic is too happen, but will not tell. With this, our adventure begins. Poseidon is your ruler, and he calls you into action. The six intrepid heroes seeking each their own needs, comes together to bring the world peace once again in the name of Poseidon.


The War of Ignisaterra